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Side Sleeper

Introducing Dr Hall's new PILLO1 SIDE SLEEPER

Forging onward to give you the perfect sleep experience, Dr Raymond Hall, Celebrity and Pro-Athlete Chiropractic Physician, invented the new patent-pending SIDE SLEEPER design to provide optimal support of the head and neck for the person who only sleeps on their side!  Responding to the 63% of Americans who only sleep in the side posture position, Dr Hall has created an ingenious design, with a butterfly appearance, for the perfect comfort of the head, neck and jaw whether sleeping on your right or left side.

The General Design - it looks different because it is different!

As with all of Dr Hall’s inventions, health benefits are the key purpose behind each design.  The PILLO1 Side Sleeper’s purpose is to improve people’s sleep through optimal biomechanical support, pressure-relief, guiding contours and improved comfort of the head and spine.    The Side Sleeper helps to reduce muscle tension and aligns the spine - in a neutral position - to provide optimal support, relaxation and comfort for a restful sleep.  The new design has the same highly-acclaimed and innovative shoulder cut-outs as the original PILLO1 to help relieve shoulder pressure and position the user in the optimal center-position of this pillow’s comfort spot – whereas with the original PILLO1 design for back and side sleeping, users will lie on their back, placing their head in the center cradle.   The SIDE SLEEPER is made from the same breathable, durable and pressure-relieving Talalay Latex foam as our original PILLO1 for optimal side sleeping comfort. If you are one of the 63% of Americans who describe themselves as only sleeping on their side, or one who snores while lying on your back, Dr Hall’s newest PILLO1 SIDE SLEEPER will be the perfect pillow for you!



More Technical Aspects of Design

The PILLO1 Side Sleeper is a breakthrough in ergonomic design for America’s side-sleeper population!  Dr. Hall has ensured that specific heights, specific cut-outs and a front-face beveled-edge angle result in pressure-relief for the shoulder and arm while in the side-sleeping fetal or semi-fetal position.  Dr. Hall’s precisely engineered design supports the spine and head, including the TMJ, in a neutral position with the health benefit of less muscle tension, less joint stress and deeper sleep.  The four different phases of sleep can be experienced with less disturbance while improving the body’s innate healing and restoration.  As with Dr. Hall’s original PILLO1 design, the mirror image design allows the user to turn the pillow 180 degrees for increased life and durability of the pillow.


About the Breathable Eco-Friendly Foam and Materials

The PILLO1 Side Sleeper is made from a naturally-derived, pressure-relieving and breathable latex foam which meets the healthiest classification of the European Oeko-Tex certification.  The foam is hypo-allergenic and provides a three dimensional, cell structure for pressure relief, comfort and support.  Our foam is 33% more pressure relieving than memory foam, 20 times more durable and 7 times more breathable than most ordinary visco foams.  And, it sleeps cool featuring a flow through air design! So the PILLO1 Side Sleeper, like the original PILLO1, is the perfect choice of pillow for those suffering with asthma or allergies. The Side Sleeper is custom- fitted with a luxuriously soft, handmade, cotton/spandex zipped pillow cover encasing the Side Sleeper’s unique contours. There is also a special Side Sleeper outer case available through our accessories page that you can easily slip on and off that slides over the custom fitted protective cover that we highly recommend.


About the Support and the Benefits of the Side-Sleeping Position

Dr. Hall’s Side Sleeper pillow is the healthiest solution and perfect choice for the 63% of Americans who describe themselves as only sleeping on their side.  The majority of all pillows on the market disregard proper anatomical support and needed pressure relief of the head and neck, usually propping the head up too high and therefore creating stress to the joints, discs, ligaments and muscles of the neck and upper back.   Additionally, the side sleeping posture is recommended by sleep specialists to reduce snoring and sleep apnea (although we are not making this specific "medical" claim about PILLO1)  as sleeping on ones side tends to open up the airways.  One of the reasons is that the neutral position of the TMJ not only reduces stress on the joint itself, but allows for improved respiratory air flow and less restriction of the throat. Specialists also advise that sleeping on one’s left side in particular reduces the propensity for heartburn and reduces the stress on the heart of a pregnant woman.