Finding a good sleep position is an essential factor in scoliosis treatment, to help manage  the associated back pain and to optimize breathing. Scoliosis is a medical condition involving abnormal curvature of the spine.  It may be genetic, idiopathic or related to other conditions such as spina bifida or cerebral palsy.  As a result of this abnormal curvature,  finding the correct sleep posture and comfort can often be difficult for patients.   Please read Dr Hall’s five tips for better sleep below!

NOTE: Scoliosis varies considerably from case to case and have varying degrees of severity. Always consult your physician or chiropractor to determine if you have any variablity to the normal curvature and  find which scoliosis treatment will work best for your unique situation and specific spinal curvature.

Five Scoliosis Tips for Better Sleep:

1. Dr Hall is consistent with most physicians in that he does not recommend sleeping on your stomach. Sleeping on your stomach may increase back and neck pain and push the natural curvature of the spine out of the alignment and into the abnormal scoliosis curve.

2. Find a comfortable and supportive mattress. Mattresses generally lose their upper layers of support with time. Make sure your mattress is adequately supporting your back’s neutral position.   Please keep in mind that Dr Hall will be launching his new website in August that will explain how to choose your mattress and highlight his new collection of affordable, premium plant based mattesses call  JUST SLEEP.  The site will be at www.

3. Consider a mattress topper but be careful.  The topper should be made from either latex, a coconut oil or a breathable cotton/wool blend to not trap heat and keep your body cool.  Most importantly for scoliosis treatment, the topper should be only 1-3 inches thick.  Excessive thickness may feel good at first but doesn’t give your neck and spine the support it needs.

4. Sleep on your side or back. Depending on your circumstances, your doctor may recommend sleeping on a particular side or on one’s back.  Propping a pillow under or between your legs may add extra comfort as well.  Dr Hall’s favorite position for most scoliosis patients is to have them sleep on their backs.  Most scoliosis’ have at least a small degree of hyperkyphosis (small degree of hunched back type deformity) associated with the curvature and the back lying position helps to reduce the roundedness of the spine, especially with a firmer mattress support.

5. Properly support your head and neck. Finding the right pillow for scoliosis is a  key component to scoliosis management. Large pillows are NOT recommended. Large pillows will push your head forward (in back lying position) and your spine out of alignment, compromising natural breathing while increasing neck pain. The PILLO1 Original Design for back and side sleepers may be a great pillow for scoliosis treatment and also for those who have had Harrington Rod Placement surgery (read testimonial below).  [Again, please consult your physician for more information and confirmation.]

PILLO1 cervical pillow, invented and designed by Dr Raymond Hall, a wellness, sleep and spine expert who practices as a Chiropractic Physician in Southern California,  helps to align the spine while laying on one’s side or back. These factors help to decreases neck pain, promotes healing and optimize REM and get into deep sleep faster. The PILLO1 cervical pillow is made in the USA using a plant based hypoallergenic Talalay foam which is Oeko-Tex certified to be free of toxic fumes and material.  This is so important to people who have respiratory and allergy ailments and people who are interested in improved overall health through better sleep!

A wonderful lady who was a patient of Dr Hall’s  previously had a Harrington rod placement surgery.  She shares her story:

Being someone who has had 12 years of constant back and neck pain from my Harrington rod placement surgery for scoliosis, I never thought anything would relieve my pain,” describes Shannon. “Since I have used my PILLO1 cervical pillow, my sleep has been indescribably amazing. I wake up completely rested, with absolutely no pain in my neck or back. Who knew a pillow could do this! I will NEVER go back to anything else. It changed by life.

Dr Hall’s team of experts in manufacturing here in the US and the incredible support staff at PILLO1  are thrilled to help individuals reduce neck pain and improve sleep! Thank you to Shannon for sharing your inspiring story of  overcoming adversity with scoliosis and using PILLO1 !!

(NOTE: No two cases are the same, so please consult your physician before adding any devise or pillow for scoliosis treatment.)