Summer is just around the corner, bringing us glowy skin and allowing us to stretch our muscles and get outside to be active. This seasonal change also affects sleep. Here are 5 beauty tips and tricks for better sleep!

5 beauty tips and tricks for better sleep

1. Diet
Summer is associated with lighter foods – fresh fruits and vegetables and outdoor grilling. For better sleep, eat an early dinner and avoid stuffing yourself right before bed. Try a cup of hot ginger or peppermint tea a half hour before bed to promote digestion.

2. Temperature
Nothing is worse than tossing and turning in the night in a hot, sticky room. Maintain a comfortable cool room temperature. Sleep on cotton or satin sheets, which do not trap as much heat. Evaluate your pillow too – many memory foam pillows are heat sensitive and trap sweat, dirt and oil. PILLO1 cervical pillow is made of all natural, heat resistant, and breathable talalay latex foam. It is the perfect pillow for hot temperatures and perfect beauty sleep during the summer. It also helps to prevent wrinkles by relaxing and rejuvenating muscles.

3. Light
As the days grow longer, we fall asleep later because of the change in daylight. Try light reducing window shades or silky sleep mask to block out excess light. Choose a hypoallergenic sleep mask, possibly with a cool gel center to decompress eyes and relieve sinus pressure.

4. Hydration
Dehydration will increase your body’s toxicity and leave you feeling groggy. Drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day to maintain healthy vital organ function and improve beauty sleep. Keep water bedside as well.

5. Routine
Vacation and travel disrupts your sleep schedule. Try to develop a 10 minute, relaxing routine – reading a book or mist a relaxing lavendar or rose aromatherapy spray. Using PILLO1, the all natural hypoallergenic cervical pillow, can also be a part of your sleep routine. PILLO1’s unique design is proven to help people fall asleep 19 percent faster than with a conventional pillow.

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