If you are uncomfortably hot, you are more likely to have trouble sleeping and wake up at night due to the rise in your core temperature, perhaps even breaking a sweat.  Of course air conditioning is the overall choice, but here are five other creative tips to help you improve your sleep by staying reasonably cool during the hot summer nights:

5 tips to help you sleep cool during the summer:

1.  Cool or luke-warm shower before bed
Lowering your body temperature before bed will make it easier for you to fall asleep on a hot night. Take a 5 minute luke warm or tepid shower before retiring and sleep with little to no cloths.

2.  Drink an 8 oz. glass of ice water before bed
Having an 8 oz. glass of ice water before bed will help to cool your core system and help to keep you hydrated throughout the night which also helps produce melatonin, the important sleeping hormone.

3.  Select Mattress which keeps you cool
Most memory foam and typical polyurethan mattresses and toppers trap heat and increase your body temperature.  Check out JUST SLEEP mattresses and find out how cocunut top built into the mattresses helps to keep your body cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It’s called “Temperature Neutral” and has helped people sleep better. Look at the reviews.  It’s a critical part of better sleep.

4.  Use fans to increase air circulation
A medium sized fan (preferably with oscillation) will increase the air circulation, improving your slumber. Again, the concept of ‘convection’ occurs which allows heat to be pulled from the skin and increasing the possibility of allowing cooler air to enter into your lungs.

5.  Layer your sheets and blankets
Layering your cool cotton sheets and shedding the warm quilts and comforters that you used during the winter will be a good start.  Always have a blanket or two available as a top layer in case your body cools too much and you want to regain some gentle warmth around 3 AM.  Bottom line, layering lighter blankets during the summer is a great idea for summer nights.  Also, open your sheets 30 to 60 minutes before going to bed as this often will allow them to cool off before your body hits your mattress, making that first 2-4 hours of very important sleep to be more effective.  Remember, your deepest sleep occurs when your body temperature is lowered approximately 1 degree Fahrenheit during your sleep..

Use PILLO1 – made from cool, breathable Talalay foam
What’s the best type of  pillow to stay cool at night?  The answer is PILLO1.  Why?  Most traditional and therapeutic memory foam pillows are made basically from plastic, a polyurethane based foam made from crude oil.  Oil based products will trap heat that your body is attempting to rid and increase your body temperature.  Dr Hall’s ingenious design of PILLO1 helps to release heat from the body through the open cell system of the Talalay Foam and diffuse the heat through small tubules within the foam itself allowing for perfect support and a cooler night’s sleep.

PILLO1   ventilation channels and premium open celled matrix is 7 times more breathable than memory foam pillows. The unique design and support structure of PILLO1 pillow makes sleeping comfortable in any and all positions to help you avoid tossing and turning.  The  PILLO1 cervical pillow is also 33 percent more pressure relieving and 20 times more durable than the memory foam pillows, making it the best pillow and perhaps the last pillow that you’ll ever need.  PILLO1 is helping you “Change the way you sleep™”.

Bad sleep is no fun and unhealthy!  We hope these five tips to help you sleep cool will improve your summer slumber.

Learn more: www.PILLO1.com

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