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Why Sell PILLO1?

An important component of any healthy, active lifestyle is getting the proper amount of sleep for peak performance.  PILLO1 makes an excellent addition to your product line-up by offering your clients and members the latest innovation in sleep technology.  Two incredibly advanced sleep models were invented by the renowned integrated sports medicine spine specialist, Dr. Raymond Hall, DC.  PILLO1 Original is constructed using natural Talalay latex in three distinct foam densities to provide maximum ergonomic support to the head and neck - resulting in a better, more restful night's sleep. 

  • Doctor Designed

    Dr. Hall's 30 years of experience led to the perfect ergonomic and clinically tested pillow that improves comfort and reduces pain.

  • Two Models to Choose From

    PILLO1 Original, for back and side sleeping, and the PILLO1 Side Sleeper for those who prefer side sleeping only.

  • Promotes Correct Sleep Posture

    Both PILLO1 models are designed to keep the head and neck in the the proper neutral position while sleeping.

  • PILLO1 Attributes

    PILLO1 is hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial and dust mite resistant. It is also 33% more pressure relieving, 7x more breathable, and 20x more durable than memory foam.

  • Made in the USA




Athletic Facilities & Clubs PILLO1 Testimonial

PILLO1 and Dr Raymond Hall, DC have made an astounding impact on my patients with neck pain, headaches and sleep disturbances. The pillows are precision made with the highest quality of premium Latex foams and superb manufacturing. The design, based on research and Dr Hall's knowledge, is first class. The “Partner Program” to sell pillows helps me have pillows in stock and ready to help my patients. Patients love the PILLO1 Original and Side Sleeper pillows so much that I have trouble keeping them in stock.

Stephen Clark, PT, DPT, OCS, MBA - Athletic Physical Therapy

PILLO1 Benefits

  • Experience Neck Pain Relief and Better Sleep

    As a neck specialist, Dr. Hall's in-depth knowledge of the spine, arthritis and repetitive stress injuries, Dr. Hall invented what is now the most luxurious and healthful cervical pillow on the market.

  • Independent Sleep Study Results

    People using PILLO1 increased their REM sleep, fell asleep faster, and went into persistent sleep faster; all improving their sleep experience.

  • Why is PILLO1's Foam Better Than the Competition

    PILLO1 is made from natural Talalay Latex foam which is hypo-allergenic, dust-mite, mold and bacteria resistant, 33% more pressure relieving, 7x more breathable, and 20x more durable than memory foam. PILLO1's foam has also received OEKO-TEX certification against harmful chemicals & substances.

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