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Why Sell PILLO1?

With the revolutionary PILLO1, you can treat your guests to a luxurious night’s rest they can’t get anywhere else.  Developed by renowned integrated wellness spine specialist, Dr. Raymond Hall, DC,  PILLO1 is made of breathable Talalay latex and comes in two distinct models: the PILLO1 Original and the PILLO1 Side Sleeper.  The PILLO1 Original is designed to provide a uniquely ergonomically-correct sleep experience while on your back or side, while the PILLO1 Side Sleeper is designed for those who only sleep on their side.  Show your guests that you care by providing them the very best in luxury and comfort. 

  • PILLO1's Fitted Cover

    Includes soft, handmade, cotton/poly zipped custom pillow cover

  • PILLO1 Outer Pillow Case

    Standard and king size pillow cases available for different sizes and models.

  • PILLO1 Sleeps Cool

    PILLO1's ventilation channels and natural Talalay latex attributes will keep your guests cool throughout the night.

  • PILLO1 Attributes

    PILLO1 is hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial and dust mite resistant. It is also 33% more pressure relieving, 7x more breathable, and 20x more durable than memory foam.

  • PILLO1, The number one choice in intelligent sleepĀ®


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Resorts & Hotels PILLO1 Testimonial

Dr. Hall's knowledge and bedside manner was a God-send for me during an injury during my third pregnancy. I use PILLO1 and cannot wait to get into bed every night for a restful sleep! I wake up with more energy for everything the day has in store for me. Everyone in the world should have one!

Angie Harmon (Actress)

PILLO1 Benefits

  • Experience Neck Pain Relief and Better Sleep

    As a neck specialist, Dr. Hall's in-depth knowledge of the spine, arthritis and repetitive stress injuries, Dr. Hall invented what is now the most luxurious and healthful cervical pillow on the market.

  • Independent Sleep Study Results

    People using PILLO1 increased their REM sleep, fell asleep faster, and went into persistent sleep faster; all improving their sleep experience.

  • Why is PILLO1's Foam Better Than the Competition

    PILLO1 is made from natural Talalay Latex foam which is hypo-allergenic, dust-mite, mold and bacteria resistant, 33% more pressure relieving, 7x more breathable, and 20x more durable than memory foam. PILLO1's foam has also received OEKO-TEX certification against harmful chemicals & substances.

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