DR. HALL’s Forward Head Posture / Text Neck TEST:

Part 1:
Stand with your back up against a wall with your feet 2-3 inches from the wall so your buttock lightly touches the wall but you remain in good balance. Is your mid back touching the wall, or are your shoulder blades touching the wall? Take note of the answer.

Part 2:
Still in the same position, find the midpoint of the top or outer part of your shoulder (called the “humeral head”). Have a friend measure the distance from this point on the shoulder to the wall, and take note of the measurement (*1).

Part 3:
In the same position with your head and neck in “normal posture”, have a friend measure the distance between the wall and the opening of the ear canal (“external auditory meatus”). Take note of the measurement (*2) and subtract it from the measurement you found in Part 2, that is: *2 – *1 = D (the Difference).

INTERPRETTING Forward Head Posture / Text Neck TEST RESULTS:

Part 1:
Optimally, your shoulder blades SHOULD be the points you feel against the wall, not your mid-back. If your mid-back is touching (approximately 2-4 inches below your shoulder blades), you most likely have a thoracic posture known as Hyperkyphosis and this is not healthy in itself but also will set you up for Forward Head Posture due to biomechanical compensations that the neck must create to balance the spine.

Parts 2 + 3:
The difference between the wall to shoulder and wall to ear distance should be ZERO. If there is a difference, for every 1 inch of forward position of the head, scientists suggest 10 lbs of added stress to the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the neck. This causes real neck pain and increased load on the spine, whether sitting or standing.


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