The absolute most luxurious, comfortable, and supportive mattress you’ll ever sleep on…hands down. No air, memory foam or other cheap materials like other popular name brands. The JUST SLEEP Ultimate is a mattress born from the highest quality of materials available including a luscious 3-4 inch sustainable, organically derived hand-tufted Tensel topper that’s silky, breathable and antimicrobial. We then provide perfect support with layer upon layer of Natural Latex and GOTS certified Wool for amazing hot or cold temperature regulation. And finally, JUST SLEEP has a two layered hybrid base, each with over 1400 (King) individually wrapped coils that relieve pressure and the motion of a sleep partner- all aligned in 3 variable zones for perfect spine support. This one-of-a-kind design creates luxurious support, making you feel like you’re floating on a cloud.



Unlike any other line of mattresses, the  JUST SLEEP mattress collection was designed by a doctor, a spine specialist with 34 years of experience.   Secondly, JUST SLEEP has two mattress styles to choose from: THE PREMIUM is our “top of the line”  which boasts the INCREDIBLY unique top layer, a Coconut Biofoam that is  200 times more breathable than typical memory foam -which means it’s ventilated for your natural airflow and has “neutral” gravity which makes it feel like your floating in heaven. The next support layer is the highly acclaimed Talalay Latex for the absolute ultimate in spinal support of your proper posture.  In THE PREMIUM, these two plant-based upper foams create the perfect combination of durablility, comfort, and support and have a low carbon footprint.  They are both Oeko-Tex and Certi-PUR US certified, the highest standards in the industry.  The Talalay latex is made from the sap of a rubber tree and the top comfort layer from the coconut, giving the perfect comfort, support, and temperature regulation, all with essentially no off-gassing and nor harmful chemicals for the health conscious consumer.

Dr. Hall’s less expensive line, THE SELECT, is about half the cost and has a unique Memory Foam swirl top. The “swirl” is what looks like a thousand elastic tiny bands and adds the perfect, gentle amount of push back for posture support and neutral temperature component to reduce heat.

Both of  Dr. Hall’s mattresses come in all standard sizes of beds (Twin, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King) and all offered in TWO comfort levels: Plush/Medium and Medium/Firm.  This in itself sets us apart from any other online retailers; but what really makes our mattresses unique is the incredible combination of the unique synergistic foam design and ultimate quality of workmanship. In THE SELECT, there is a very unique revolutionary and smart blend of a Gel-Infusion of swirls consistently interwoven into the incredible pressure relief of the Memory Foam.  Dr. Hall has chosen this blend as it offers pressure relief, comfort, and most importantly, a massive improvement in what he considers to be a must, the “push-back” support for the spine, something the “old” memory foam could not create.

THE PREMIUM has a combination of Talalay Latex foam made here in America and an imported luxurious and rare Italian Coconut foam for the top layer to reduce heat, allow your body to breathe and give the perfect cloud-like pressure relief. All of Dr. Hall’s JUST SLEEP mattresses strive to keep your body at a comfortable temperature throughout the night.  This technology is called temperature neutral. Our upper layers of THE PREMIUM breathe so well and are certified to do so, you shouldn’t ever feel like your body’s heat is being trapped between your skin and the mattress.

Unlike the competition who claim one type fits all …

Most other companies have the idea that one mattress is right for everyone.  Although this certainly simplifies the consumer’s decision as there is only one choice, it simply does not make sense.  How can one mattress be right for everyone from a 105 <g class=”gr_ gr_47 gr-alert gr_gramm gr_inline_cards gr_run_anim Punctuation multiReplace” id=”47″ data-gr-id=”47″>lb.</g> petite lady to a 250 lb. football player, from a person with back pain to someone without, or from a person 25 years old to a person 75 years of age.  Dr. Hall, a spine and sleep specialist believes the one type fits all concept is simply the wrong answer and therefore, he offers you the necessary choice of selecting the right mattress and the right firmness JUST for you.  Based on over 34 years of experience as being a spine specialist, Dr. Hall gives you the easy answer to which density makes the most sense for you through his firmness chart.  If you are looking for the very best mattress with the perfect support and maximal comfort for your body, JUST SLEEP offers an incredibly easy selection at a wide range of price points to fit your budget.

Made in the U S A and WHY Talalay latex is so expensive:

Again in each of the PREMIUM mattress in his collection, there is another comfort and support layer, the Talalay Latex that is made here in the US.  Unlike competitors who admittedly use other in types (of what we consider inferior latex), “Talalay” latex has a much more complicated and costly manufacturing process that flash freezes the foam then heats it up to extreme temperatures to create a highly resilient and consistent foam to support your spine.  Furthermore, this premium foam is then rinsed five times to create a “clean,” hypoallergenic, dust-mite resistant and antimicrobial foam that is simply the best health choice in the industry. Although Talalay latex is significantly more expensive to use in the manufacturing process of the perfect support and comfort as compared to other traditional forms, Dr. Hall has committed to this truly premium Talalay foam in his PREMIUM line, and albeit more expensive than the competitors, feels that it is worth every penny to use in your mattress so you can make a healthy and smart choice of which you rest your body night after night.

All JUST SLEEP mattresses are made with caring hands with incredible quality control right here in the United States of America and shipped to your front door free of charge.

With the right mattress selection, we are so confident you will be fully satisfied with your mattress, we offer a  100 night  trial of your mattress.  We stand behind our promise that if you are not fully satisfied with your mattress, JUST SLEEP do one of three things per your instruction: 1) We will refund 100% of the original price minus provision fee of $400 for a complete return  2) We will charge you $200.00 for an exchange of the same mattress line and size for a different firmness, or 3) We will send you a topper to change the firmness for a $50 shipping fee. The only thing we ask is that you keep it for the full 100 night trial period to allow plenty of time for your body and mattress to synchronize.  It’s that simple! If you have any questions or comments whatsoever, we encourage you to contact our highly trained, informed and experienced customer care representatives and they can provide you with helpful tips and information during the break in period.

The JUST SLEEP mattress has been tested on many different surfaces and we simply recommend a firm flat surface. This means that the floor, slatted bed frame, or on top of an existing box spring that you may have are all just fine and generally are considered the best support surfaces. Dr Hall’s JUST SLEEP mattresses are essentially an all in one mattress that not only provides the comfort of the best foam in the world, but also the longevity and the ultimate in support.

We sell our mattresses directly to you through our online store and directly from our manufacturing plant, avoiding the traditional showrooms, inventory costs, staff and the other typical “brick and mortar” overhead. Your mattress is specially made to order for you and shipped directly to your door step for about a quarter of the price of a comparable mattress with similar materials found in stores.

All sleepers are not alike. For the best night’s sleep possible, it is important to sleep on a mattress with the level of firmness that is appropriate for you based on your sleep position, history of back pain, age, body weight, and personal preference.



Note: If you check four or more in one firmness category, according to Dr. Hall,  you would most likely benefit from that level of firmness in your mattress.



• Back, Side or stomach sleeper

• Body weight of 220 pounds and under

• Little to no back pain

• Looking for the ultimate, pressure-relieving comfort and support

• Thin, medium or athletic body type

• Prefer or are used to plush or medium mattresses

• All ages

• Rated by Dr. Hall to be between 3 and 5 on the 10 point scale of firmnesses (10 being very firm)


• Back, side or stomach sleeper

• Body weight greater than 221 pounds

• Back pain sufferer or just wanting to prevent back pain

• Medium or heavy build

• Prefer a bit firmer mattresses

• All ages

• Rated by Dr. Hall to be between 6 and 8 on the 10 point scale of firmnesses (10 being very firm)

The height of the SELECT  is 12″ and the PREMIUM line is 13″ . The length and width of the mattresses are standard US dimensions:

Twin:               39”W x 75”L

Twin Long:      39”W x 80”L

Full:                 54”W x 75”L

Queen:            60”W x 80”L

King (Eastern) 76”W x 80”L

Cal King:         72”W x 84”L

All JUST SLEEP mattresses ship in standard size boxes. The sizes and weights vary based on your selection but will generally range from 50 to 125 lbs.

Once your JUST SLEEP mattress is out of the box and the wrapping removed, our mattresses generally will expand 70-80% almost instantaneously and reach maximal expansion (whereby they will get higher and less wide) within 3 or 5 hours due to the high quality of foam. Incidentally, when you first take it out of box, it might appear slightly wider and longer than usual but as the height increases and it breaths, it will become slightly more narrow returning to the optimal height in about 3-5 hours.

Regarding the PREMIUM, one of the primary reasons Dr. Hall decided to incorporate the two plant based foams made from Talalay Latex and Coconut is that they are BOTH Oeko tex certified and they have essentially no off-gassing or odor as compared to most mattresses.

In regards to the SELECT line with the new Gel-Infused Memory Foam which is certified under  CertiPUR-US, it is certified  to not have any harmful substances or metals and we are seeing that it also does not have any appreciable off-gassing or odor.   However, just like any product that is shipped in a box, some (but very few)  people may recognize a very small, very slight odor from the needed plastic wrapping that has been around the mattress during shipping which will almost always dissipate within 4-6 hours.  Optimally, (but not necessary), we suggest you allow your brand new mattress to breath for 4-6 hours before covering with your mattress pad and sheets.

All of the foams used in the JUST SLEEP mattresses have environmental and certifications that ensure they are healthy to be around.

The Talalay Latex and the Italian Coconut based biofoam that we use in Dr. Hall’s collection of mattresses are both Oeko-Tex Certified (Class IV) to not have harmful substances or off-gassing. According to Wikkipedia, the “test parameters include: 1. substances banned by law 2. substances regulated by law 3. substances known to be harmful to health which have not yet been explicitly regulated by law and 4. parameters for safeguarding health.”… products are tested for e.g. formaldehydepesticides, extractable heavy metals, organochloride carriers as well as preservatives such as tetra and pentachlorophenol… are also checked for (legally banned) carcinogenic MAK amines from special azo dyes as well as for dye stuffs which have scientifically proven allergenic potential. Furthermore all tested items must have a skin-friendly pH value and good colour fastness. The current revision of the test criteria is available at the official website.

Testing for harmful substances includes:

·       illegal substances

·       legally regulated substances

·       known harmful (but not legally regulated) chemicals

·       as well as parameters for health care

In their entirety the requirements clearly exceed existing national legislation.

And the Coconut Biofoam also has certification that it is made according to EN 1957/00 rule. The test consists in passing for a 220 lb. (100 Kg) roller 30,000 times along the mattress surface, to test its duration in time without losing its resiliency.  This is a very important aspect of the quality of the foam as when you invest in your health, Dr. Hall wanted to create a mattress that would stand the test of time and exceed your expectations and be very durable for years and years of great sleep.

The product in the uppermost layer of the mattress foam, the Coconut biofoam, has been tested at the cosmetological centre of Ferrara University to be safe in contact with the skin.  This certification is very important to Dr. Hall as the layer that lies under the mattress cover is made from the oil of the coconut and it was important to him to be certified to be safe with the strict standards of Ferrara University.

Made in Italy:  This is the logo of Italian pride that states that the Coconut Foam Product that we use in the top, uppermost layer is made and imported from Italy.
Transpiration Test.  This is another certification of the highly premium uppermost layer of your JUST SLEEP mattress. The Coconut based layer is an open cell structure and this test establishes the degree of air-permeability (breathability) of the material.  This is critical to keeping your body temperature neutral and cooler enabling you to have optimal sleep- and NOT trapping heat and perspiration between your mattress and your skin like almost all memory foam products.  Dr. Hall explains that the number one reason why people awaken at night is due to heat build-up. Keeping your body at a normal to slightly cooler temperature throughout the night that has been shown to enhance sleep and ultimate wellness.
Since made in the US, the surrounding thin layer of foam that JUST SLEEP PREMIUM mattresses as well as the Gel-Infused Memory Foam are essentially a poly foam and have a CertiPUR-US certification which states that is free from any harmful metals such as lead and mercury, that the foam is very low in VOC’s (volatile organic compounds of less than .5 parts per million), and free of harmful flame retardants, formaldehydes and phthalates.

JUST SLEEP™, a product of Hall Innovations, LLC is offering its customers who purchase the product through our website a limited, conditional 100 night risk free trial with a money back guarantee- that you will be completely satisfied with our JUST SLEEP mattresses revolutionary design or we will issue you a full refund of the mattress price with the following requirements:

You need to keep your mattress for at least 100 nights.

You need to call us and notify us before the 100th day following the date of delivery to arrange pickup.  Any calls or emails received after the 100th day following the delivery of the product will not qualify for our money back discount.

You need to have the mattress available for pick up and the JUST SLEEP mattress cannot be returned if it shows any significant signs of abuse, tearing, stains or neglect other than normal wear and tear.

JUST SLEEP’s mission is to improve the lives of people around the world through better sleep.  We are dedicated to providing a mattress with comfort, support and a design that facilitates the body’s healing and wellness.  We do not provide an exchange of mattresses but do offer our customers an upgrade of a JUST SLEEP Topper for $140.00 and free shipping within 12 months of their initial purchase. The toppers for the PREMIUM models will be either made of Talalay or our Coconut Bio-foam.   Please phone our office at 805-379-5007 so we can discuss any questions you may have in regards to this topper option or your mattress.

Consistent with the Disclaimer written below, we want to confirm the understanding that any and all JUST SLEEP mattresses and products are not and should not be considered medical devices and are not specifically recommended to you for any particular injury, condition, situation or health concern and any and all of our products are clearly not prescribed in any way by Hall Innovations, LLC, Dr Raymond Hall, DC, or any of its owners or affiliates, sales representative or other personnel associated with the company and is certainly not meant to substitute for a medical diagnosis, advise, counsel, treatment or any other modality.

Furthermore, it is the position of our company that if you have persistent or recurring headaches, insomnia, stiffness, back, spine or neck pain, or any other medical conditions including but not limited to surgical or other procedures performed on or to the head, neck, spine, or shoulders that may or may not require medical attention, special sleeping supports, sterile covers, C-PAP, or any number of other appliances that you seek the advice of a medical professional before using any and all of our products. Also, by the use of or purchasing JUST SLEEP products, you further agree that under no circumstances shall Hall Innovations, LLC or its Affiliates be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages that result from the use of or inability to use the products or merchandise purchased from Hall Innovations. The foregoing limitation of liability shall apply whether in an action of contract, negligence, or other tortious action, even if an authorized representative of Hall Innovations knows or should have known of the possibility of such damages. By purchasing or using JUST SLEEP products, you hereby acknowledge that this disclaimer shall apply to all products and merchandise available from Hall Innovations. Because some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of liability for consequential or incidental damages, in such states liability is limited to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Additionally, nothing contained in the JUST SLEEP packaging, information or instructions for use is intended to be medical advice provided by either Dr. Raymond Hall, DC, Hall Innovations, LLC and/or any or all of its “Affiliates”, i.e., it’s employees, managers, agents, representatives, parent companies, subsidiaries or related entities, staff, representatives, or sales team affiliates. Neither Dr. Raymond Hall, DC, Hall Innovations, LLC or any of the aforementioned may be held responsible or liable for the diagnosis, treatment, advice or care of the consumer or any other parties as a result of such person’s purchase or use of JUST SLEEP products.

Yes. If you opt for a box spring, we recommend a new modern box/platform. Modern box springs are designed more like slats and provide more direct support for your new JUST SLEEP mattress. The key for a support surface is that it truly supports the entire under-surface of the mattress. A poor support structure will reduce the life of your JUST SLEEP mattress. Older box springs usually have one supporting beam down the middle of the bed, making the mattress sag on the sides. We also do not recommend split box springs, which can cause sagging.

There generally is a 2-4 week break in period. This time frame is not only for your mattress to soften just a bit and conform slightly to your body weight and positions, but also for your body to adjust to your new mattress. Dr. Hall has put tremendous effort into creating the perfect mattress for you and allows you to choose the right firmness that will be the “best fit” for your body. But even with the perfect selection of mattress type, it still may take some time for your muscles, joints, ligaments and spine to adjust to the new support and comfort system.

The mattress is not designed to be flipped as ultimate comfort and support is only on the top half of the mattress.  If you sleep alone on one side of the bed or have a meaningful weight differential with your mattress partner, then we do recommend rotating the bed 180 degrees every three months.

Free Shipping is limited to Continental US locations only. We do not yet ship internationally, but stay tuned! We’ve received a tremendous amount of requests and we’re looking forward to shipping overseas soon.

UPS will make three attempts to deliver your mattress. UPS will notify you upon the first missed attempt.

Once we have processed your order you can expect to receive your mattress within 7 – 10 business days. We will send you a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number (generally we ship UPS Ground in the Continental US.)