Have you recently had or are thinking about plastic surgery on your face, nose or jaw?  Millions of Americans undergo face lifts, jaw reconstruction, chin tucks, nose reconstruction ( rhinoplasty ) and other plastic surgery procedures to restore function or improve the look of their head, neck and face every year.  The three most common plastic surgery questions that are posed to the surgeon post op is what is the best pillow / type of pillow that I should use , which sleeping-position is best, and is there any truth to “ Beauty Sleep ”?

I have contacted two of the absolute top surgeons in Los Angeles that perform “Facial Plastic Surgery” and have asked them these questions about the neck and post op recommendations:  Dr. David Butler, MD who practices in beautiful Santa Monica explained that post op, “it is a good idea to have a patient rest, sleep and heal for at least 3-4 days in a semi-upright position between 30-40 degrees upright with a pillow that keeps the head and neck in the neutral position”.  Dr Butler went on to say that “it is very good to have a pillow that has a hollowed out center that is able to cradle the back of the head and keep the head and neck from twisting and turning while the person is in recovery”. Good news about the best pillow is coming later…

Dr Robert Kotler, MD of Beverly Hills, CA who is referred to as the “Nose King of Bevery Hills” has performed over 4,000 Rhinoplasty procedures in his 35 years of plastic surgery practice. Dr Kotler is not only an amazing surgeon, but has invented an ingenious product called the “Kotler Nasal Airway Tube”.  The tube is surgically implanted during a rhinoplasty procedure leading to better healing and improved breathing!  The tube is removed 5 to 10 days following a person’s rhinoplasty plastic surgery and has been found to be incredibly helpful to enhance a person’s breathing (and thus oxygen) capability, reducing dry mouth, and improving ” beauty sleep ” during the healing process.  But beyond his brilliant invention, Dr Robert Kotler, MD also recommends “a person to be elevated around 30 to 40 degrees one to two nights following a rhinoplasty procedure supported by a wedge or pillows to improve drainage of the nasal region”.

During the interviews, it was discovered that both Dr. Robert Kotler, MD and Dr. Butler, MD speak to their patients about optimal neck support and overall health before proceeding with the plastic surgery procedure.  Interestingly, both surgeons had very positive things to say about sleep health and one pillow in particular: an eco-friendly, supportive, luxury pillow called PILLO1.  This is where I come in.  I am not a plastic surgeon, but a Sports and Integrated Medicine Chiropractor and inventor of products which enhance peoples’ health.  I am committed to improving people’s lives through better sleep, and this includes ” Beauty Sleep “!

I invented PILLO1 and patented it in 2004 and will tell you how and why this pillow is perfect for post op plastic surgery as well as for normal sleep to enhance beauty.  PILLO1 is different from any other pillow on the market in that it has been scientifically studied (PSG sleep lab study on numerous patients) and found to not only increase our very important “REM” sleep on average by over 21 %  but also among other very positive findings, to increase the back-lying position by a whopping average of 30%.   This is a very unique advantage for PILLO1 and certainly great news for people interested in “Beauty Sleep” and who might have just spent thousands of dollars on a face-lift or needed a rhinoplasty procedure.  Here’s why:

It is well known, and an inarguable fact, that the best position for a person to reduce the anti-aging effect of wrinkles – and not stretch the delicate skin cells of their face – is lying on their back.  We call this the “ Beauty Sleep Position ”.  PILLO1 cradles your head and simultaneously supports your neck giving you incredible comfort and incredible beauty sleep!  Additionally, most ordinary pillows are made from a poly blend, or a visco (memory) foam that are derived from crude oil, have toxins and are basically derived from plastic.  These materials don’t breathe well and actually trap air, creating heat.  Combining the heat factor with pressure from the face pressed against the ordinary pillow while sleeping on the stomach or side, creates an “ironing” effect; heating, stretching and pulling the delicate skin cells of the face.  This in fact creates the dreaded WRINKLES – definitely not something that you would want post op!

“Btw ladies sleeping on your back decreases wrinkles. Check this out http://pillo1.com So comfy too.” – Brooke Burke

In contrast to the ordinary pillow, PILLO1 is not made from crude oil, but rather created from Latex which comes from the sap or milk of a rubber tree.  This means that it is non-toxic, doesn’t off-gas, breathes well, and reduces the heat and pressure effects.  In fact, PILLO1 is 7X more pressure relieving and 4X more breathable than memory foam.

I hope this blog helps you recover faster and gives you the secret of anti-aging: a good night’s rest with a healthy pillow.  This is the first step to take to “Change the way you sleep™”.

Check out PILLO1 at www.PILLO1.com and see why I tell my patients, “no one should be sleeping on an ordinary pillow”. PILLO1 is “heads down” the best pillow!