I have just gone through the most difficult five months of my life, having just experienced what millions of people go through daily. I had two consecutive surgeries on my foot and ankle (three months apart) to rebuild it after severe trauma.

No matter what anyone says, surgery and general anesthesia are a BIG DEAL.  It was hell having a leg and foot cast for 6 weeks, a boot for 4 weeks, undergoing another surgery to remove a “Hunter rod”, then starting over with another cast, boot, and two more months of rehabilitation.  Every small task became a challenge- driving, hopping around on one foot, carrying small items, going up and down stairs, etc.

Often, as in my case, there is a happy ending no short of a miracle. As a sports medicine chiropractor, I now fully appreciate being able to work, play golf and tennis, and hike once again.

The take-home is: get a great surgeon as I did with Rick Ferkel, MD of SCOI or all the great surgeons at Santa Monica Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Group or Pacific Coast Sports Medicine, stay positive, be patient, and get some extra body work through your chiropractor so you don’t develop new problems.

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Rest well,
Dr. Raymond Hall, DC
Pro Athlete/Celebrity Chiropractor and CEO/Inventor of PILLO1

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