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Coconut based, Breathable, Luxurious comfort.

Looking for a luscious, comfortable, durable, luxury pillow that is standard in size and shape and that appears to be the “conventional” design, but actually, is nothing close to ordinary or average?  Meet PILLO1 BEAUTY!  The realization of perfect blissful harmony suddenly is realized once this incredible new breakthrough beauty product touches your head and face.  From the first night, it will feel anything but ordinary.  Why?  The PILLO1 BEAUTY is made from a highly breathable, non-toxic coconut-based foam that is ventilated with hundreds of air channels to increase airflow (200% more breathable than classic memory foam) and not trap the heat from your head, allowing you to sleep cooler, have fewer wrinkles, and awaken with beautiful hair with more bounce and body. Based from the oil of coconut that has had proven health benefits for centuries, this break-through product is not only naturally anti-microbial, but it also helps keep the viruses, bacteria, and fungus from flourishing in your pillow.  Coconut is also a known superfood, a key beauty, and anti-aging ingredient.

Dimensions: Standard 18” X 29.5”

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I am a patient who has had a long history of chronic neck pain. I never considered the idea that the pillow I was sleeping on contributed to my pain and tightness. I tried a variety of pillows that made no change in my neck pain until I came across Dr. Hall's PILLO1. I am not even slightly exaggerating that it has CHANGED MY LIFE. Though it felt unnatural at first and took a couple days to adjust, I began to feel relief after 2 nights of using the pillow. I now wake up without pain and stiffness! This is the pillow of all pillows that everyone should own to help with existing pain and also prevent neck and back problems. I am addicted to this pillow and confident that this pillow will help anyone.