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Pillo 1 Reviews

Dr. Hall's knowledge and bedside manner was a God-send for me during an injury during my third pregnancy. I use PILLO1 and cannot wait to get into bed every night for a restful sleep! I wake up with more energy for everything the day has in store for me. Everyone in the world should have one!

Angie Harmon (Actress)

As a professional golfer, I need to get optimal rest with the proper head and neck comfort and support while I sleep every night. I have looked to Dr. Hall for Sports Medicine Chiro Treatment at the Santa Monica Orthopedic Group and believe that his new pillow design is the best I have ever experienced. I love my PILLO1.

Michelle Wie (Professional Golfer)

As a former dancer, I realize the importance of proper alignment when you sleep. Thank you for making that possible. I LOVE MY PILLO1!

Jaclyn Smith (Dancer)

This pillow is completely different from every other pillow that I have ever used. Granted, I haven't used that many pillows in my young life, but throughout the years, I have suffered from many soccer-induced injuries. I had to have knee surgery last year and was forced to sleep on my back which was counterintuitive as I sleep in the fetal position. Thanks to PILLO1, I was able to sleep peacefully, recover a lot quicker and didn't need to rely on the strong medications prescribed for pain and sleep. As a teenager and AP student, I can't stress the importance of sleep enough - add to that pain and stress from surgery and without PILLO1, my life would have been pretty tough!

Charlotte G (Soccer Player)

I cannot tell you how I look forward to going to bed each night, especially after a long day at the office. I truly believe PILLO1 is a life changing product on its way to helping millions and millions of people get the pain-free night’s sleep they deserve.

Dana Hammill (Satisfied Customer)
Phil Gorin (Dentist)

I have used PILLO1 for several years now and am a believer! After years of waking with pain from an upper cervical issue when I used other pillows, I now wake free from neck ache and headaches. Also, PILLO1 has maintained it's stability over time. Thank you, Ray Hall!

Katherine Bosworth Buckton (Accoutrements Design Concepts)

PILLO 1 is by far the BEST pillow on the market. I have had neck problems for years and needed a pillow that would provide stability and comfort. PILLO 1 has given me tremendous support in the cervical spine. It has alleviated the pressure, been very comfortable to sleep, and now I cannot sleep without it!! I am grateful for this pillow, because not only has it made easier and more comfortable to sleep, but it has everything I have been looking for in a pillow for years!

Dr Dana Asher (Chiropractor)