PILLO1 pillow was recently highlighted on the Doctors Show! Watch Doctors Show video above!

An independent sleep study demonstrates that while using PILLO1, users fall asleep 19% faster, increase REM sleep by 21.3% and increase back-lying position sleeping by 30%, supported by PILLO1’s unique, variable neck contours.

PILLO1 is designed to give a person’s head and neck the perfect support whether lying on one’s SIDE or BACK to reduce stiff neck, muscle, disc, ligament and nerve tension. With the use of PILLO1 people are consistently awakening with less back pain and less stiff neck pain. PILLO1 users are benefiting from better sleep, and greater energy during the day.

PILLO1 was created by Dr. Raymond Hall, a celebrity/pro-athlete chiropractor who dedicated 10 years in research and development to create this genius product.  PILLO1 is available in three sizes to ensure the size variations are consistent with a person’s height for a perfect fit: Small 4′ – 5’2″, Standard from 5’3″ – 6’3″ and Large for people 6’4″ and over.

Thank you to the Doctors Show for featuring PILLO1 as the best cervical pillow for stiff neck and back pain relief!