This week, we will EVALUATE our sleeping habits to help us make healthy sleep choices! It’s easier than you think…

The first step is to determine sleep quanitity and sleep quality. According to WebMD, adults should get between 7 to 9 hours a night per sleep. For sleep to be restorative, you must go through all of the normal sleep cycles. If you wake up frequently during the night, you are disrupting the sleep cycle. Evaluate your sleep today using PILLO1 Sleep Journal Challenge!

The PILLO1 Sleep Journal Challenge

For part 1, we challenge you to critically evaluate your normal sleep habits for one week and see if you are getting the best sleep possible. For part 2, we challenge you to try the PILLO1 cervical pillow and see if it is improving your life through better sleep and reducing stiff neck pain.

1. Keep a sleep journal for a week. Record the time you went to sleep and the time you woke up. Subtract the difference to find the time you actually slept, approximately.

2. Next, rate the quality of your sleep on a scale of 1 to 10 based on several factors: did you wake up during the night? Did you toss and turn in your sleep? Did you have trouble falling asleep? Once you have a score, record it.

3. Multiply the time you spent sleeping by your quality of sleep score. The ideal number for an adult would be 8 hours of sleep at a 10 quality, giving them a sleep score of 80. Obviously, there can be higher or lower scores, but 80 is roughly ideal.

4. After you have calculated your score, list in a column labeled “Condition factors” anything which you think may have contributed to your sleep. Ask yourself and your bed partner questions like:

Did you take any pain or sleep medications before bed?

Did you drink any alcohol before bed?

When did you eat dinner?

Right before bed, or earlier?

Did you get any exercise during the day?

How stressed did you feel during the day?

What type of pillow do you use?



What was the temperature/lighting of the room you slept in? Did you snore?

Did you toss and turn?

Are you waking in the morning with stiff neck pain or back pain?

After keeping your sleep journal for one week, you may look into ways to improve your sleep score! PILLO1 cervical pillow is helping users fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer, while reducing stiff neck pain due to traditional pillows that push your neck out of proper alignment.

Thank you for taking PILLO1 Sleep Journal Challenge. Sleep well!

About PILLO1:

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