A National Sleep Foundation poll found that over three-quarters of women sleep WORSE during pregnancy. Moreover, new moms and pregnant women are more likely to suffer insomnia than any other group of women. Here are seven pregnancy sleep tips to help moms-to-be sleep well.

Top 7 Pregnancy Sleep Tips:

Sleeping on your side: Sleeping on your side is best for pregnant women. In particular, sleeping on your left side may benefit your baby. It also helps reduce swelling in your ankles, feet, and hands. Train yourself early in pregnancy to sleep on your side to adjust.

Picking a pregnancy pillow:

There are many pregnancy pillow options. Choosing the right pregnancy pillow for YOUR body’s comfort is key to improving side-sleep during pregnancy.  PILLO1 cervical pillow and SIDE SLEEPER are two of the best pregnancy pillow options. PILLO1 pillows are ergonomically designed to support the head and neck’s natural alignment and relieve shoulder and neck pressure during sleep. An additional pillow between the legs or under stomach can help support the lower back.

Eat Well:

Heartburn is a common pregnancy complaint. Simple carbohydrates, like bread or crackers, can promote sleep.

Relaxation techniques: 

Relaxation can help calm your mind and relax your muscles. These techniques include stretching, yoga, and deep breathing.

Consider bedding comfort and toxicity:

Choose mattress, pillow and bedding materials that are cool, breathable and non-toxic.  Hypoallergenic materials repel common household allergens like dust mites, pollen, and pet dander.  For women with asthma or allergy sensitivities, choose hypoallergenic bedding and a pregnancy pillow like the PILLO1. Made of non-toxic Talalay latex, PILLO1 cervical pillow is 7x more breathable than memory foam pillows.

Prenatal Massage:

Massage therapy during pregnancy can improve sleep, reduce anxiety and depression, relieve muscle aches and improve newborn health. Find a massage therapist who is certified in prenatal massage.


Regular exercise can help you sleep more deeply. However, vigorous exercise within four hours of bedtime should be avoided.

We hope these pregnancy sleep tips will help ease discomfort and improve sleep during this special time. Rest well!

About PILLO1:

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