If you have an hour-long lunch break, consider taking a power nap.  Here’s why:

“Many people experience a natural increase in drowsiness in the afternoon, about 8 hours after waking,” explains Elizabeth Scott in Sleep Benefits: Power Napping for Increased Productivity, Stress Relief & Health. “Research shows that you can make yourself more alert, reduce stress, and improve cognitive functioning with a nap. Mid-day sleep, or a power nap, means more patience, less stress, better reaction time, increased learning, more efficiency and better health.”

Even NASA astronauts are taking naps, finding a 34% boost in performance and a 54% spike in alertness after a power nap.  Some experts suggest 20-30 minutes  to be optimal so we don’t drift into the deep sleep cycle while other studies such as a recent article in the “Neurobiology of Learning and Memory” suggest about one to two hours.   I would suggest napping from 5 minutes to 120 minutes, depending on the time that you have and your need for sleep.  If you can sleep for 90 minutes on a Saturday afternoon, then do it.  The recent study in Germany noted (NBLM) above demonstrated a five fold increase in RECALL for the subjects.  The authors wrote that it was in the Hypocampus, a small memory app in your brain converts short term memory into long term memory.

While a power nap is certainly  beneficial if you can make the time,  it’s important to get regular, rejuvinating and undisturbed  sleep at night. The PILLO1 cervical pillows offer unmatched comfort and support along with neck and back pain relief.  In fact, in a study performed at St Johns Sleep Disorder Clinic in Santa Monica, CA , the use of PILLO1  showed an  increase in  the subjects REM sleep by an average of 21.3% and people fell asleep faster by 19%.  We believe PILLO1 is the only scientifically tested pillow on the market.  Use PILLO1 to get to sleep faster during the night or day!

About PILLO1:
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