Cervical pillows are designed to support your neck in proper alignment at night and specifically shaped to guide your head and neck into the right angles during sleep. It’s important that your cervical pillow rise where the neck will be and compress where the head will lay.

We spend one third of our lives sleeping, yet rarely pay attention to our body’s position. During the sleep cycle, our muscles relax significantly, so your pillow plays a crucial role in maintaining your neck’s natural arch.  Without a cervical pillow supporting your neck, your nighttime position could be the source of terrible daytime neck and back pain.


Cervical pillows come in various shapes, sizes and materials. Your pillow should be ergonomically designed to support your neck while you sleep. No two bodies are the same, thus it’s important to find the best shape for your unique body shape and size.


1. Material

Many cervical pillows are made of memory foam or latex foam. Memory foam pillows have been linked to toxic carcinogens that are not good to breath in at night. Next generation latex pillows like PILLO1 present a healthier option. PILLO1 pillows are certified OEKO-TEX Class 100, by the leading global testing and certification process that ensures textile materials and home furnishing products do NOT contain harmful substances or pose a health risk to consumers. Learn more here.

2. Your Mattress

Is your mattress firm or soft? Do you use a big comfy feather mattress pad? Do you sink downwards into your mattress? The firmness of your mattress will affect how much support you need under your neck. PILLO1 pillow comes in three different sizes to help users find the perfect amount of support for their unique body and circumstances.

3. Transition Time

If you are switching from a traditional pillow to a cervical pillow like PILLO1, plan for transition time of a few days to a few weeks to adjust. Traditional pillows push our necks’ out of natural alignment, but after years of unhealthy positioning, our necks have grown accustomed to  it.

If too uncomfortable to sleep with at night, try using your new pillow during the day while resting for 10-15 minutes. An amazing benefit of PILLO1 is that each pillow comes with a “foam insert” and TWO different neck support options – so you can ease your neck into healthier alignment at your own pace with comfort each step of the way.

4. Your Sleep Position

Are you a side sleeper, back sleeper or stomach sleeper? Cervical pillows should support your neck’s proper alignment at the right angles for your particular sleep position. Some pillows may work well for back sleeping, but do not support the head and neck properly in a side sleeper position.

The original PILLO1 pillow offers three different sleeping surfaces, ergonomically designed for properly supporting the back, stomach and side sleeper. In addition, PILLO1 recently unveiled its brand-new SIDE SLEEPER designed by Dr. Hall for those that only sleep on their sides. With 63% of Americans only sleeping in the side posture position, this unique butterfly-shaped side sleeping pillow is quickly becoming the best pillow for side sleepers on the market.

What is PILLO1?
Made in America, PILLO1 is a premium, hand-crafted cervical pillow designed to give you a full night’s rest and support perfect spinal alignment. Created for both back and side sleepers, PILLO1 creates the most eco-friendly cervical pillows on the market, built with eco-friendly hypoallergenic latex foam. 

Learn more: https://pillo1.com

Dr. Hall
Dr. Ray Hall

Dr. Raymond Hall, the renowned DC, inventor, author, lecturer, television personality and sleep expert who has been honored by the International Association of Healthcare Providers as the "TOP CHIROPRACTOR IN CALIFORNIA" for 2015, 2016 and 2017. Dr Hall currently practices at Pacific Coast Sports Medicine in West Los Angeles and lives in Malibu, CA.