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Invented by renowned Integrated Wellness Chiropractic Physician Dr. Raymond Hall, PILLO1 is a revolution in sleep technology.  Designed to promote correct sleeping posture for both back and side sleepers, the PILLO1 Original SELECT Memory is made with Gel Infused Visco Elastic Memory Foam.  It is a new revolutionary luxuriously comfortable foam. It is more breathable and thus cooler than the old classic memory foam.  Dr Hall has researched the foam industry and selected the advanced Gel Memory Foam formulation that is infused with the small elastic gel particles to improve the very gentle support for the neck and head. It combines the ultimate comfort of memory foam with a new elastic gel that gives you the ultimate in pressure relieving COMFORT that is truly out of this world.
The SELECT is CertiPUR-US Certified, meaning that is is FREE from ozone depleters, FREE of “tris” flame retardants and FREE of lead mercury and other heavy metals, and the toxic formaldehyde and phythalates.  It also certified to have a very low VOC emissions of less than .5 %. The SELECT is the perfect choice of health, comfort and affordability.  This is a very HEALTHY choice for you to rest your head upon each and every night.

  •  Perfect for the person who sleeps on their SIDE and BACK. Two different surfaces for the optimal support and comfort
  •  It combines the ultimate comfort of memory foam with a new elastic gel that gives you the ultimate in pressure relieving comfort.
  •  Remarkably COMFORTABLE and supports your neck in neutral position to reduce stress, tension and pressure of the head and neck
  •  It is a new revolutionary luxuriously comfortable foam with a remarkably low introductory price.
  •  CertiPUR-US Certified to be free of harmful metals and other noxious chemicals
  •  Breaths better and sleeps cooler than other memory foam products
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I am a patient who has had a long history of chronic neck pain. I never considered the idea that the pillow I was sleeping on contributed to my pain and tightness. I tried a variety of pillows that made no change in my neck pain until I came across Dr. Hall's PILLO1. I am not even slightly exaggerating that it has CHANGED MY LIFE. Though it felt unnatural at first and took a couple days to adjust, I began to feel relief after 2 nights of using the pillow. I now wake up without pain and stiffness! This is the pillow of all pillows that everyone should own to help with existing pain and also prevent neck and back problems. I am addicted to this pillow and confident that this pillow will help anyone.