Today’s world is such a busy one that most of us don’t even have the time to take care of ourselves, and the results can certainly be uncomfortable. More people than ever before are experiencing back and neck pain due to a sedentary work lifestyle or insufficient exercise. But did you know that back and neck pain can also be caused by improper sleep?

If you’re struggling with pain and discomfort, you need a solution, fast. While visiting your Chiropractor may be your first line of defense, you will still need to support your treatments with daily lifestyle adjustments.

A chiropractic pillow may be just what you need. Keep reading to learn how upgrading your pillow can upgrade your quality of life.

1. Natural Sleep Position

Your ordinary pillows may feel comfortable and broken in, but that doesn’t mean they offer the support or pressure relief you need. If your pillows give easily or allow your head to sink in, you may be at risk of restricting your spine which may cause pain or even injury.

Using a chiropractic pillow ensures a natural sleeping position, and preserves spinal alignment while promoting unrestricted sleep.

2. Healthy Posture

Many of us have developed poor posture from bad habits, resulting in the misalignment of our spines, and causing constant pain and fatigue.

With a chiropractic pillow, your body is properly aligned while you sleep, which helps you to correct your posture and alleviate the symptoms associated with bad posture.

3. Fewer Headaches

Your spine is your body’s central support structure, so misalignment of your spine can affect your entire body, including the nerves, bones, or muscles in your neck, which can result in headaches, or even migraines.

If you are using a standard pillow, you may be contributing further to the misalignment of the spinal cord, which could be exacerbating your pain. Luckily, this can be addressed by simply swapping your regular pillow for a therapeutic one.

Chiropractic pillows help to reduce the pressure on the spinal cord and drastically decrease the number and severity of your headaches.

4. Better Blood Circulation

Did you know that improper posture can actually contribute to poor blood circulation? Bad posture can negatively affect the function of your circulatory system, which may result in restless sleep and a weaker immune system, among other symptoms.

The good news is that Chiropractic pillows are designed to alleviate pressure on the spinal cord and promote healthy circulation, promoting faster healing, and distributing oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.

5. Emotional Health

If you find that you struggle increasingly with sleeplessness and irritability? Your pillow may be to blame. If you are not sleeping with proper neck and head support, you may find that your sleep is disturbed with pain and discomfort. We all know that insufficient sleep not only causes physical exhaustion but contributes to emotional distress as well, which may affect your work, and relationships.

However, with a chiropractic pillow, you can fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up rested and refreshed. 

We’ve Got the Perfect Chiropractic Pillow for You

Now that you’ve seen the benefits of a chiropractic pillow, you’re definitely going to want to get one of your own. We’ve got exactly what you need.

Invented by celebrity spine specialist and sleep expert Dr. Raymond Hall, Pillo1 pillows are proven in independent sleep studies to reduce pain and sleeplessness. 

Explore our website to find the perfect pillow for you or reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns. We look forward to helping you secure the restful nights and energetic days  you deserve!

Dr. Hall
Dr. Ray Hall

Dr. Raymond Hall, the renowned DC, inventor, author, lecturer, television personality and sleep expert who has been honored by the International Association of Healthcare Providers as the "TOP CHIROPRACTOR IN CALIFORNIA" for 2015, 2016 and 2017. Dr Hall currently practices at Pacific Coast Sports Medicine in West Los Angeles and lives in Malibu, CA.