Long hours at work, using smartphones and tablets, even our posture can all cause neck pain that impacts our quality of life. 

Globally, almost 290 million people per year were found to struggle with neck pain that lasted more than a day in 2017. If you’ve also struggled with this oftentimes debilitating condition, you may have explored solutions such as medications, chiropractic or physiotherapy. However, one simple change to your sleeping arrangements could be the change your neck is begging for!

Intrigued? Read on for our guide on how to choose the best pillow for neck pain relief.

What is your Primary Sleep Position?

Are you a back sleeper, side sleeper, or perhaps combine the two positions? Or, perhaps are you a stomach sleeper?

Whether you’re dedicated to one position or like to mix it up, it’s good to look for a pillow that is designed for your preferred sleeping style. Therapeutic cervical pillows could be a great option for you.  A true “therapeutic” design allows you to gently hold your head and neck in the optimal sleep posture when you are sleeping in the position that best suits you. Without the proper support and pressure relief, undue pressure can build-up causing significant nerve, muscle and joint pain throughout the night causing you to awaken with stiffness or pain.

Using a therapeutic pillow may take a little time to adjust – as new support sometimes feels a bit odd at first.  And as we all know, “old habits die hard”! But if you have the right pillow for your sleeping style, within a few weeks you should begin to feel the true health and wellness benefit of keeping your spine correctly aligned throughout the night. This can be a true investment as afterall, you spend a third of your life sleeping on this extraordinarily important  pillow.

Choosing the Best Foam

In recent years, we’ve heard a lot about the benefits of memory foam. But not all memory foam is created equal. Different materials produce different qualities in the foam. 

Staying Cool

An important consideration is how effective the memory foam is at keeping you cool. Sleeping in a cooler environment promotes healthy sleep and this definitely includes our bed and pillow. If your memory foam pillow is trapping your body heat and not allowing your head and neck to properly breath, this may cause you to overheat and wake up in the night. Feeling an increase in temperature is the number one reason people are awakened at night.

The bottom line when looking at a memory foam pillow; find one that is CertiPur Certified, and that is gel infused to help mitigate the trapping of heat between the pillow and your body. This will help to disperse body heat, keeping you cool the whole night through.

Pressure Relieving

The concept of memory foam is to relieve pressure on the body. Some products perform better than others. Look for a pillow that effectively disperses and supports your body weight as you sleep.


One size does not fit all. Try to find an adjustable pillow that has the level of neck support you need. Some pillows provide adjustable sections with softer and firmer supports for the neck.

Get the Right Shape and Firmness

Try to find a pillow that has the level of neck support you need. Some pillows actually provide different foam firmness within the same pillow so you can choose on any given night, e.g., sections with softer and firmer supports for the neck. 

Choose the Correct Size

Not all people are built alike and one size does not work when it comes to supporting your neck and spine. We all choose the correct size of clothes and shoes for our body – so why do we think one size of pillow is right for everybody in the family?  A good therapeutic pillow should come in at least three different sizes, Small, Medium and Large.

Choose For Your Weight

The best pillows on the market for neck pain relief are available in different sizes depending on body weight. Why does weight matter? Because generally there is a link between weight and shoulder size. Your shoulder size determines the right size of pillow for you.

Choose For Your Bed

Also, consider how firm your bed is. Softer beds cause the shoulder to sink further – choosing a lower pillow may be better. On the other hand, firmer beds provide more shoulder support, so look for a larger pillow with more neck support.

Choose For Your Age

Getting the correct pillow for your shoulder size will ensure your neck is well supported through the night. If you’re a little older, you might prefer to elevate your head a little more. In that case, choose a pillow one size up.

Shopping for a child? Always choose a small pillow. This will provide the best support for their developing bodies. 

Stay Safe

As memory foam is a synthetic product, there are a few health considerations to think about. Here are two common concerns and how to address them:


Off-gassing refers to the gasses released by household products, furnishings, and finishes. Some memory foam pillows give off these gasses, or volatile organic compounds (VOCs). 

Some people are sensitive to these vapors. They can induce health problems such as eye irritation, breathing difficulties, and headaches. Not every pillow for neck pain relief on the market gives off the same amount of these gasses.

When choosing an adjustable pillow, see what the manufacturer claims about off-gassing. Some materials have been developed that eliminate off-gassing altogether. This allows you to concentrate on getting the benefits for your sore neck, without having to worry about headaches the next day!

Anti-Microbial and Hypoallergenic

Also, look out for pillows that stay clean. Some materials are anti-microbial and dust mite resistant. They do this through advanced manufacturing techniques. They create an environment that does not support microbes and fungi. 

The latex used in the production of memory foam pillows can cause allergic reactions in some people. However, through the manufacturing process, it is possible to alter these allergens. This means they no longer cause allergic reactions.

If you are an allergy sufferer, look for ‘hypoallergenic’ options. They have been treated in such a way that they should no longer aggravate allergies. 

Check Out The Reviews

No two people have the same experience of neck pain. But checking out online reviews for a product can help you to make an informed choice.

As you go through, look for candid comments from those who are experiencing similar issues to you. Look for reviewers who’ve used the product for a while and have gone past the ‘breaking in’ period. They’ll be more able to give an accurate assessment of how suitable it might be for the issues you’re experiencing.

The Best Pillow for Neck Pain Relief!

Neck pain is a drag, but your days of suffering could soon be behind you! We’ve taken all of the elements discussed above and combined them into two fantastic pillow options – The Original and The Side Sleeper.

They were developed by renowned Integrated Wellness Chiropractic Physician Dr. Raymond Hall. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in treating patients with spinal conditions. He’s put it all together to create the best pillow for neck pain relief.

Explore our product range to find the best pillow for you. Say hello to sweet dreams, and adios to a sore neck!

Dr. Hall
Dr. Ray Hall

Dr. Raymond Hall, the renowned DC, inventor, author, lecturer, television personality and sleep expert who has been honored by the International Association of Healthcare Providers as the "TOP CHIROPRACTOR IN CALIFORNIA" for 2015, 2016 and 2017. Dr Hall currently practices at Pacific Coast Sports Medicine in West Los Angeles and lives in Malibu, CA.